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Avoid corked and spoiled wine with a wine thermometer

You have just finished a long and arduous day of work, the dinner is in the oven, the salad is on the table and you have returned from the wine cellar after grabbing a bottle you had your eye on.

You reach into the utensils draw and rummage to find a bottle opener, slip it into the cork, and gently twist to release the robust aromas... your face sours... you smell vinegar!

Sick of corked wine?

There is nothing worse than a bottle of spoiled wine - especially one you have been maturing and looking forward to for years.

When you invest in a wine collection you want to make sure you enjoy every last drop, and the last thing you want is to encounter that sour smell of a corked bottle after you have been looking forward to it for so long.


Confused about how to look after your wine?

There are three factors that can directly impact your wine's "drinkability".  These are; light, humidity and temperature. This means the temperature and conditions that you store your wine in are crucial to insuring your wine survives cellaring. You can optimise the temperature in your wine cellar using a wine thermometer (for temperature) and a hygrometer (for humidity) to allow you to check the conditions and adjust accordingly.

3 ways to optimise your wine cellar and extend the lifespan of your wine collection

  1. Store away from light - it can affect the phenolic compounds in the wine and create faults.
  2. You need some humidity to ensure your corks don't dry out - but too much can damage your labels (which can be a problem if you ever want to resell the wine). Some wine experts say that 75% humidity is ideal for wine storage.
  3. Watch the temperature - If your wine gets too hot for prolonged periods of time it can easily spoil as it becomes "cooked" and develops stewed, vinegary flavours. If it gets too cold it can cause the cork to expand and come out of the bottle’s body, oxidising the wine and causing it to spoil. Various experts say that 13°C (55F) is the ideal temperature to store wine, but it can be stored as high as 21°C (69F) without negatively affecting your wine.

Our 3 Top Selling Wine Thermometers & Hygrometers

Lufft Climatemeter - Model Number: 5251.0561

This wall hung climatemeter is perfect for anyone who is interested in the climate of their house. It is a top of the line humidity gauge and is perfect for use in areas which experience high heat and humidity (e.g. Queensland, Australia)


Ficsher Hygrometer and Thermometer - Model Number: 1225HT-22

This brass and mahogany wine cellar hygrometer and thermometer blends beautifully into any cellar or wine storage room. It lets you easily read the temperature and humidity to make sure you are keeping your wine at the right temperature to keep it fresh.


Lufft Thermometer 3014.74



Made in Germany this room thermometer has a chrome housing to ensure high accuracy in temperature readings.

By optimising your wine storage area you can save your good wine. Never having to throw away a bottle means no more wasting money on spoiled wine. Browse our range of wine cellar thermometers, hygrometers and tools here. We dispatch and ship them internationally.  You get free shipping and quality products you know will last.


Shop the range here -



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February 15, 2016

Great Article Cameron, I have noticed with the hot temperatures in Auckland this summer a few of my wine bottles have been off. This would be super handy for keeping an eye on things… I think I need to store my wine somewhere cooler.

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