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Tide Clocks

A tide clock (also known as a marine clock) is a nautical instrument that gives a reading on high and low tides. This is great for boat owners and surfers to know when to head out for a surf or put the boat in for a spot of fishing. We stock tide clocks that can be wall mounted at home or at work, along with nautical tide clocks which can be fitted in your boat. Nautical tide clocks are made from durable materials and seals which can withstand the harsh conditions of salt water and the sea.

Fischer Modern Ash & Chrome Tide Clock $279.00 AUD
Fischer weather instruments Black & Chrome Tide Clock $279.00 AUD
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Fischer Tide Clock Mahogany & Brass $269.00 AUD
Fischer Small Brass Tide Clock $189.00 AUD
Fischer Modern Fischer Wall Tide clock $249.00 AUD
Fischer Tide Clock -Black & Chrome $249.00 AUD
Fischer Mahogany Tide Clock $239.00 AUD
fischer tide clock Brass Clock & Tide Clock Navigator $439.00 AUD
Fischer Chrome Nautical Tide Clock Sold Out