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Corporate Gifts

Our distinctive range of quality corporate gifts leave a lasting impression and are a great way show your appreciation to an executive, up and comer, employee or boss. Don't give any old gift, give a quality gift that will last a lifetime and feature prominently on their desk, boat or wall. Nautical corporate gifts are great for yachtsman, boat owners or anyone in the marine industry.
Barometers&Clocks Gift Wrapping Free
Fischer Banjo Wooden Weatherstation $239.00 AUD
Fischer Mahogany Tide Clock $239.00 AUD
Fischer Stylish Weather Station $289.00 AUD
Fischer Modern Wooden Walnut Weather Station $349.00 AUD $359.00 AUD
Fischer Stylish Ultra Modern Weather Station $529.00 AUD $690.00 AUD
Fischer Nautical Brass Clock Navigator $620.00 AUD