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Are you looking for a barometer the weather instrument that measures barometric weather pressure? We stock high-quality Fischer German-made barometers for fast accurate weather readings. They are designed in Germany with the best engineering, with numbers and words written in English making them a breeze to read. Having a reliable barometer showing you the correct barometric pressure will give you a good indication if the weather is going to turn for the worse. If the pressure is high then you usually get settled weather and when the pressure is low you get unsettled weather. This can be really helpful if you are deciding if you should head out for a run, take your umbrella, go out on the boat, or hang out a load of washing.

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Fischer Oval Mahogany Weather Station $189.00 AUD $219.00 AUD
Fischer Modern Stylish Weatherstation $219.00 AUD
Fischer weatherstation Nautical Brass Barometer Weatherstation $479.00 AUD