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    Quality European Weather Instruments Delivered to Your Door.

    Are you looking for a Barometer? Tide Clock? Hygrometer? Thermometer? Weatherstation or Clock for your home or vessel?  Every item is wrapped with love so it arrives safely at its destination. 

    ✔ Trusted European Brand ✔ Shipped Internationally ✔ Free Freight  ✔ Dispatched fast ✔  GST included in AUS and NZ.


    Weather instruments for the home or office

    Nautical Instruments

    Nautical Instruments for Boats, Yachts and Ships

    Sauna Thermometers & Hygrometers

    Stay safe in the sauna and optimise temperature.

    Outdoor Weather Instruments

    Outstanding weather instruments that thrive in the outdoors (or can be mounted indoors).