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Outdoor Weather Instruments

Are you looking for an outdoor weather station? Barometer, Outdoor Clock or thermometer? It can be handy to see the temperature when you're sitting outside on your patio? Or know what weather patterns are coming when you are out in the garden. These robust outdoor weather instruments are suitable to be mounted outside so you can measure the outside temperature at a glance. They can also be used inside. Barometers will let you know about upcoming changes in the weather like clouds, rain or wind. Thermometers let you know the outside temperature. Hygrometers let you know the outside humidity. And tide clocks will let you know when high and low tides are so you know when its time to head to the ocean for a surf or to take the boat out.

Barometers&Clocks Gift Wrapping Free
Barometers&Clocks Rain gauge made of solid copper $279.00 AUD