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Designer series

Looking for beautiful designer weather stations and instruments from Fischer Germany? All of our measurements are in English and made with precision to give you accurate readings what ever the weather.
Barometers&Clocks Gift Wrapping Free
Fischer Limited Edition Weather Pillar $1,290.00 AUD
Fischer Stylish Ultra Modern Weather Station $529.00 AUD $690.00 AUD
Fischer Germany Cockpit Series Weather Station Sold Out
Fischer Germany Cockpit Silver Edition Complete Series $1,520.00 AUD $1,960.00 AUD
Barometers&Clocks Gift Card from $100.00 AUD
Fischer Ultra Modern Aviation Cockpit Series $1,299.00 AUD $1,516.00 AUD
Fischer POLAR Instruments - polished brass series $1,050.00 AUD $1,167.00 AUD
Fischer POLAR Stainless Steel series $1,050.00 AUD $1,167.00 AUD
Fischer Germany Cockpit Silver Edition Hygrometer $489.00 AUD