What’s are home humidity gauges used for?

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What’s is home humidity gauge used for? You can measure your home humidity with a hygrometer or as we like to call it a climate meter.

The room climate using a hygrometer with a thermometer shows you the changes in the room’s climate in an easy to understand format. The humidity gauge gives you the optimum climate readings/ figures in relation to the seasons and room temperatures. Thanks to models like 122.01HT with the coloured sectors the tell you if you are with-in the healthy measurements/readings for your season.This will help you see if you are living in a healthy home humidity and temperate level.

If not it is time to take action by opening windows or turning on dehumidifiers or heat pumps. Instructions Place your hygrometer on a inner wall of your home 1-2 metres above ground and away from windows or doors [ as this might shew the readings] . Read the dial to see what your humidity readings are and if your readings are above 50% humidity you will need to ventilate your room for 10-15 minutes.