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    Build your own weather station

    Would you like to build your own weather station ?

    Have you got a nice piece to Timber sitting in your shed that can be made into a beautiful useful home decor instrument ?

    Its easy to make a barometer  or you might want to add a hygrometer to measure moisture or a thermometer to measure temperature to make a weather station, the choices is yours.

    If you have not got a plan here are our most popular combinations but if you would like a different combination let us know and we will make one up your you , you will get a 20% discount on most combinations.

    Popular choices are 84mm & 100mm instruments

    Popular Weather stations combinations

    Weather Station Combination 1

    84mm 100mm 84mm

    Hygrometer , Barometer , thermometer

    Weather Station Combination 2

    84mm -84mm -84mm

    Hygrometer , Barometer , thermometer

    Weather Station Combination 3

    63mm -63mm-63mm

    Hygrometer , Barometer , thermometer

    Barometer & Clock Combination

    100mm x 100mm

    Barometer & Clock

     Banjo Weather Station Combination 1

    100mm x 63mm x 125mm

    Barometer , Hygrometer , Stick thermometer

    larger Banjo Weather Station Combination 2

    130mm x 84mm x 165mm

    Barometer , hygrometer , stick thermometer


    Add on a clock

     100mm clock

     84mm clock



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