Free & Express delivery services available worldwide to your door. Fast dispatch. All prices include GST in Australia & New Zealand

Free & Express delivery services available worldwide to your door. Fast dispatch. All prices include GST in Australia & New Zealand


Be your own Weather Forcaster

Its Easy to learn how top predict the weather instead of relying on the news  , The diagrams below show you how to read 

  1. Barometric - Barometric  pressure
  2. Hygrometer , Humidity
  3. Thermometer  Air  temperature


1. Rules - Always buy a barometer  made of high quality materials.

We have searched around the world for quality barometers and found a supplier in Germany called Fischer who have been engineering amazing weather instruments for over 100 years. The Fischer factory makes the highest quality barometers in the world. 

aussie barometer for sale

Pictured: Fischer Barometer Navigator 1600BTH-45


2. Check the readings on your barometer before you go outside.

What weather measurements are you interested in seeing? Would you like to know the current inside temperature? Would you like to know if it's going to rain? Or if you should take your sunscreen? Are you interested in knowing how damp your home is and if it is affecting your health?

If you only want to know about weather changes, then a barometer is for you. But if you are interested in these other readings, make sure you check out our selection of weatherstations


Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we measure degrees in Celsius, not Fahrenheit. So it is helpful to make sure if you choose a barometer with a thermometer that it takes readings in degrees Celsius (or C & F)

While the products we sell are from Germany all the writing on your barometer will be in English when it arrives.

barometer and weatherstation


 Do you want a Barometer or a Weatherstation Combo?

You can either purchase a barometer on its own or in combination with other weather tools like a thermometer to measure temperature in the house, a tide clock that tells you the best times to go out fishing or have a surf, or a hygrometer which tells you how damp your home is.

Black & Chrome Weather Station with Tide clock 1538TD-06


How so we get the barometer to you around Australia?

We  pack it with the utmost care – it is protected by being wrapped in special thick bubble plastic, then sealed in a durable black cover to ensure it can handle any bumps in travel. And we guarantee anything we ship.

Where ever possible we dispatch on the same business day.

But the best thing is we have FREE shipping to anywhere in the world.

And let us know if it is a gift as we will gift wrap it, pop on a card and can send it to a particular address if you want.

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