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Antique Barometers

Fischer barometers make the perfect antique to pass down from generation to generation because they are built to last. If you are looking for an antique look barometer then we have grouped all of the classic designs on this page.

One of the reasons we recommend Fischer products is because it is such a trustworthy company who are all about Preserving Values. The Fischer factory for a precision mechanic was founded in October 1945 by Aircraft engineer Kurt Fischer in a little village in Erzgebirge named Drebach. They still produce his classic German designed barometers today.

  • Designed by an engineer
  • Handcrafted with only the highest quality materials
  • Highly accurate reliability that lasts generations
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Fischer Oval Mahogany Weather Station $189.00 AUD $219.00 AUD
Fischer Modern Stylish Weatherstation $219.00 AUD
Fischer Banjo Wooden Weather Station $192.00 AUD
Fischer weatherstation Nautical Brass Barometer Weatherstation $479.00 AUD
Fischer Banjo Wooden Weatherstation $239.00 AUD