Give the Gift of A Healthy Home This Mothers Day

April 24, 2017

Give the Gift of A Healthy Home This Mothers Day

As our parent's age, their health and well being really weighs on our minds, especially as the colder months approach. With Mother's Day coming up, we can offer a gift idea that is not only thoughtful but useful - and I am not talking about the usual scarf or bottle of hand cream... I am talking about the gift of a healthy home.

The first step to a healthy home is knowing how to optimise our living environment, so your parents do not end up getting sick. 

Watch out for unhealthy humidity levels:

Humidity is the level of moisture in the air which you can measure with a hygrometer A comfortable and healthy living environment is at temperatures between 18 and 24 celsius and a humidity level between 35% and 65%. A hygrometer or weather station is going to help you pick up on unhealthy levels of humidity, so you know when to open a window and ventilate your house, or if you might have deeper humidity issues. Living in a damp home can mean more trips to the doctor, respiratory issues and skin infections, especially in the colder months.  Knowing your homes humidity levels can be really helpful if you live in a humid climates for example in Sydney or Auckland.

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Optimise your temperature to avoid illness:

A thermometer will let you measure the inside temperature of your home so you know when to turn on the heater, fire or heat pump in winter, or when to crank up the air conditioning in summer. If you let yourself get too cold in winter, you may find yourself getting sick. 


Avoid getting caught out in the weather:

Knowing when the weather is going to change arms you with the knowledge you need before you leave the house to prepare for rain. How many times have you left the house without a rain coat, umbrella, or enough warm clothes? Barometers measure the barometric pressure in the air, as the pressure changes, it indicates a shift in the weather which indicates the type of weather you can expect. 


You can purchase these items separately in a hygrometer, barometer or thermometer. Or you can also find them in a weather station, which combines two or more of these items into one stylish piece. If you would like to learn more you can shop this story in our online catalogue.

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