5 Reasons You Should Consider Selling Barometers and Clocks in your Store


Are you looking for high margin products to introduce into your product portfolio? If you are a retailer who feels Barometers and Clocks would work well in your product mix then we want to hear from you.

Check out the 5 Reasons You Should Consider Selling Barometers and Clocks in your Store:

  1. These are high margin items that would add substantially to your bottom line.
  2. We have a unique product offering that is supported by this website – no need for you to have an online presence or click from your website to ours.
  3. Our website represents one of the top Barometer manufacturers in the world – Fisher.
  4. We have developed a system alongside our website that works well for everybody and attracts more business along with satisfied customers.
  5. The back-up and support on these products is second to none

Barometers and Clocks have been enjoying a rise in popularity. They are trendier than ever.

  • Not only are they super popular with Boaties and nautical lovers, they are also now a must-have items in your own home.
  • More and more people are wanting weather stations (Barometer, Thermometer and Hygrometer) where they can see what is happening with weather, temperature and humidity in their homes.
  • They also make a perfect gift - for loved ones or within a workplace.

Our website is humming along nicely but needs some resellers who can sell to customers face to face.

So call Cameron today if you would like to sell these timeless products. 

Or email with your store and contact info to watdr@xtra.co.nz or call on Aus 1800 136886, NZ 0800 693 583


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