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Yacht Barometer Repair V.S. Replacement: What are your options

Do you have an older yacht with an older barometer that is not giving accurate readings? When it comes to your vessel, you need precision weather instruments to keep you safe at sea. And an analogue weather instrument is a great way to keep an eye on changes in weather patterns without having to worry about technological malfunctions.


So when do you repair your nautical barometer and when do you just replace it?

This is a problem one of our lovely customers Peter had. Below we will walk you through his decision-making process of deciding when we repair v.s. Replace your nautical barometer along with all the elements you need to consider when making a decision. In April 2019 THE Peter Jackson got in touch about the barometer on his boat. Here is his replacement v.s. repair story.

yacht barometer


Peter Jackson - April 2019

Hi Cameron,  I have a Chelsea barometer (pictured below) on my cruising yacht which wasn’t working when I bought the yacht 7 years ago.  It’s probably the original from when the yacht was built in the mid-1970s. I’m getting ready to retire in the next year or two and go cruising.  I’d like to either get the barometer repaired, or replaced if not cost-effective or possible to repair. I’m currently Wellington-based but can’t find any local repairer.  I was given your details by a local jeweller who used to do repairs. I suspect there’s a delicate connection that’s broken. Can I courier it to you to have a look at and give me your opinion/ quote.  I’m happy to pay an ‘analysis fee’. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Peter”

Cameron’s Reply, April 2019

Hello Peter, I have received your barometer this morning and just had a quick look at it. There is a section/ part missing. There is no adjustment attachment that adjusts the aneriod/ pointer. I have attached a photo of your barometer notice to your left there is a brass screw that goes through the back plate, that should have a attachment that reaches over to the brass rod to the right of the picture. I have also sent a picture of a barometer that has the attachment even though it's a different make it gives you an idea. There is a small chance I can fit a new Fischer barometer as a replacement but it will take a lot of fiddling to get a good fit, in a nutshell not a very nice job but it's possible. Also, there is no glass cover that provides protection to the unit hence some concerns how it will perform away at sea but in saying that the movement looks in good order, no signs of corrosion.”

Cameron’s 2nd Reply, April 2019

“Hi Peter, I went over to a friend’s workshop this morning and took your barometer to see if he had anything sitting around for parts. We found one that nearly would have worked but it was also faulty. Pic attached of what it should look like. Due to this, I think the best course of action is to purchase a replacement that suits your needs moving forward. A correct working barometer is a necessity at sea as its a back up to all the electronics.”

Peter’s 1st Reply

Excellent, many thanks for your advice, Cameron. I'm happy to accept your recommendation of the nautical brass barometer at $539.  Do you have an account so I can buy one by internet banking, and include delivery costs plus the time you've spent assessing my old one - or do I need to order from the website?

Peters 2nd Reply

Hi Cameron,  I acknowledge receipt of my new barometer, many thanks.  The packaging looked almost bomb proof. I meant to say if my old one is of any use as spares you can keep it.  Let me know if so and I can send it back down to you. I appreciate the way you do business.Cheers, Peter

So how do you decide when to repair and when to replace. Here are our top Criteria to help you choose

    1. Is there someone in your area who can repair your yacht barometer?.
    2. What is wrong with it?
    3. Can the correct part be sourced?
    4. Can the part be fitted?
    5. Will the unit still be waterproof to survive in the harsh, wet and salt conditions on the ocean?

    If you can find the parts and they fit - GREAT - go for the repair.

    If you struggle to find parts or the barometer is not watertight. It might be better to replace it.

    Here are our top 3 Nautical Barometers which can be retrofitted on any yacht, ship or boat.

    1605B-45 - Fischer Navigator Series Brass Marine Barometer. 

    See changes in upcoming weather patterns at a glance. Mount to the wall of your boat. Or add to any home or bach with a nautical theme.

    Nautical brass barometer

    287M - Fischer Navigator Series Captains Choice Aneroid Barograph.

    View changes in weather patterns on the chart. This Captains Choice Aneroid barometer provides form, function and engineering

    nautical barometer

    103PM Fischer Navigator Series Aneroid Precision Barometer 

    The Fischer Navigator Series Aneroid Precision Barometer is the best of the best when it comes to precision. This Nautical barometer can be retrofitted to any boat or mounted to a wall in your home.... Learn more

    Aneroid precision barometer navigator

    We also have matching Nautical Barometers, Tide Clocks, Time Clocks, Thermometers and Humidity monitors. You can find them here on our Nautical instruments page

    Matching Precision Nautical Instruments

    Need help? Feel free to get in touch with Cameron your barometer and watch doctor. Feel free to email us a picture of your weather instrument. We can advise you on the best course of action, or recommend the right products that can be fitted in your vessel to keep you safe at sea.

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