Free & Express delivery services available worldwide to your door. Fast dispatch. All prices include GST in Australia & New Zealand

Free & Express delivery services available worldwide to your door. Fast dispatch. All prices include GST in Australia & New Zealand


What to buy the Aussie Dad who has everything this Christmas.

Why are Dad's so hard to shop for? Or really just men in general? They tend to buy everything they need and want for very little. This can make gift shopping a real challenge. There are only so many pairs of socks or cufflinks that one man can own before it's overkill and you already got him those for Fathers Day.

Here are our top 5 Christmas Gifts for Dads

It seems like every year Christmas rolls around and it gets harder and harder to find gifts for your Father, Grandfather or Partner. He buys everything he needs and wants, and that leaves you scratching your head come Christmas day. Why not combine efforts with other family members or friends and buy him something unique that is built to last a lifetime (or make it a joint gift for Mum & Dad). Our Weather Stations are great for keeping an eye on the weather, monitoring humidity levels in your household, and keeping an eye on the temperature. 

Wooden Oval Mahogany Weather Station 9160-22

1. This Fischer Klassic Wooden Weather Station - 9160-22 with temperature, humidity and changes in weather patterns is perfect for the traditional Dad or Mum.


2. Fischer Skala Weather Instruments 1602-01 easily read temperature, humidity and changes in weather patterns and fits with a more modern interior or industrial feel apartment.


Traditional Barometer

3. Mahogany and Brass Fischer Pascall Barometer - 1434B-22 lets you predict upcoming changes in weather patterns. This is great if you are heading out fishing, cycling, surfing or deciding if it should be a family BBQ or family roast tonight for tea.


4. Walnut and Brass Fischer Barometer Pascal 1436R-12 This is a great all-purpose barometer with a vintage feel that will suit most interiors.



5. Fischer Black and Chome Weather Station and Tide Clock This is our best selling model of weather station as it combines the power to read the tide, predict the weather, tell the temperature and let you know how humid your home is all from one classic looking weather station. You can also mount it for you so it is horizontal or verticle to suit any interior.

6.3 Fischer Tide Clock 1434td-32 lets him keep track of high and low tide times so he can spend more time outside doing the things he loves, fishing, surfing, yachting. He can maximise his time on the water.

Pre-order Before December 19th for Christmas Delivery.

While we endeavour to get your order out on time, around the Christmas Period things can get busy. The postal service advises us that 19th of December is the cut off for Christmas Deliveries so we recommend placing your order before then so we can dispatch it and get it to your recipient in time for Christmas.

Q. What if I order on the 19th of December?

We can Express freight in New Zealand and Australia - However because we do not own a sleigh ;P we can not Guarantee it will arrive in time for Christmas

 Free Gift Wrapping

Simply add gift wrapping to your cart and a note to say its a Christmas Gift in the note box at the shopping cart - and we will wrap your gift and ship it to your recipient.

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